Graphics Design

The scope of Graphics Design

With a productive eye, it is easy to find the presence of Graphics Design in every sphere of life. The scope of graphics design is beyond imagination. You can start designing an e-commerce site or mobile application interface, discovering tiles for household use, packing a thing in an astonishing packet, making a nice looking mobile cover or even designing the dresses we wear, in all the cases like these, there is a need of absolute creativity and graphic design. So, there is nothing to say about the requirement of graphics design in any creative job sector nowadays. If you think that yes, you have a creative mentality and want to secure a place in the marketplace as a successful freelancer then a professional graphics design training can take you closer towards your dream.

Be aware while selecting your esteemed training course from any professional graphics design learning center as many institutions have grown like EE-EXPERT in Rajshahi especially the training centers who offer graphic design courses in Rajshahi. They offer the Best Graphic Design Learning Courses in Bangladesh with attractive graphics design course fee but most of the time they fail to teach advanced graphic design techniques which are vital to sustaining in the challenging marketplace. 

How To Start:

Step—1. Self-confidence and strong will power is first and foremost requirement to become a graphic designer. Educational background is not very important but basic communication level of English understanding is essential. Most of the clients are from Europe and America so you should have at least conversational English skill. Once you are resolved to become a graphic designer you need to explore the segments or classifications of graphics design. After a proper understanding of the areas, you need to identify your best interest. You need to choose from advertising, web development, print media, multimedia (Cinema/TV industry) or animation and only focus on the interested area or segment. If you think you will be an expert in all the areas, then you might never be able to reach your goal. 

Step-2. Get ready with a laptop or desktop that fulfills minimum requirements to run graphics design software. Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator is the most commonly used software globally. This software is very user-friendly and graphic design learning centers are always there to help you. If you have enough time to explore then YouTube might be a good source. Nowadays a good number of Bangla tutorials are also available. But as the tutorials are scattered and there are no proper learning pathways to learn level wise which might result in a wastage of time.

Step-3. You should collect as many designs as you can or that seems suitable and attractive to you. These are innumerable sources for designs like a shirt or share, floor tiles, pamphlet, booklet, postcards, calendars, posters, banners, etc. After that, you have to observe the designs, their patterns, note what is good and what is not and try to apply that understanding to create new designs for yourself. In the next step, you will have to save your collections to use as reference that might help you to generate ideas to work in similar projects.

Step-4. Research on fonts as there are millions of free fonts on the web to download and use in your designs. Copy those downloaded fonts to your system font folder and then those will be available in your program. Fonts are a really good component to show and enhance your creativity. 

Step-5. Finally, create a professional portfolio where you will include all of your creative works which will highlight your skills. For both the freelancers of the marketplace and entrepreneurs to come up with graphics design farm, a portfolio is a must. If possible a personal portfolio web can be made which not only add value but also create a professional impression. 

A good graphic designer should have the following qualifications:

Artistic Ability 

A wide variety of technical skills 

Language Skills 

Understandability of the client requirement 

Problem-solving skills and 

Sense of Vision 


  • Website Design 
  • Brand and Logo Design 
  • Application Interface Design 
  • Print Media: Magazine/ Newspaper 
  • Corporate Reports 
  • Product & Service Brochure etc.

Finally, Graphics design is a decent profession. In this file, it is quite easy to earn  40-50 thousand tk. in a month. The salary in these fields like top newspapers, TV channels, and Add farms for this profession is also smart. There is less hassle in this profession in comparison to other professions. So, it is always suggested to complete the training from the EE-EXPERT in Rajshahi where is enough opportunity and the proper environment to learn and grow as a skilled designer.