English Spoken

There is nothing much to say about the importance of learning English. It has become a very essential and important part of our practical and professional lives. Fluent and proper English gives you the extreme to remain at the forefront of competition and is regarded as equally, if not more important than academic qualifications. Business, Job, Studying Abroad, studying in good institutions in the country require needed skills in English. Listening to English songs, watching English movies and news, reading English newspapers are very important in the process of developing speaking skills. Actually, you need an excellent environment where you could exercise the above-mentioned things with the help of an experienced and friendly instructor. Don’t panic! EE-EXPERT have combined Speaking, Listening, Vocabulary in a very effective manner which will definitely help you master the skills of speaking this international language better.

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Syllabus per level:

Level 1: Preparation

Building confidence basic vocabulary, simple greetings, introduction to basic sentence structures, drilling of structures, rote learning, situational English, modeling conversations, role plays, listening sessions, reading sessions, revision sessions, error correction.

Level 2: Foundation

Building confidence, General Vocabulary, Reading and Listening Exercises, Speaking in thematic real-life situations, Soft Skills (Grooming, Etiquette, Self-Assessment, Positive Thinking, Time Management), Grammar: Present Continuous and Simple, Adjectives, Past Continuous and Simple, Pronouns, Articles-I, Simple Future, Prepositions-I

Level 3: Upper Basic

General Vocabulary, Reading, and Listening Skills Speaking Practice for higher confidence, Presentations, Group discussion, Soft Skills (Etiquette & Grooming-II, Confidence Building, Motivation and Time Awareness), Grammar: Revision of Present and Past Simple and Continuous, and Present Perfect.

Level 4: Intermediate

Thematic Vocabulary, Speaking activities, Soft Skills (Anger and Stress Management, Creative Thinking and Goal Setting), Grammar: Recap of Tenses: Present, Past and Future, Articles-III, Conjunctions-II, Adjectives and Adverbs, Prepositions-III, Modals-II

Level 5: Advanced 

Reading and Listening Skills, Idioms, and Collocations, Presentations, Phonetics, Common Errors, General and Business Vocabulary, Conditionals, Modals, Reported Speech, Case Studies, and Soft Skills.

EE-EXPERT will definitely make you sure about the quality of teaching. We have well-trained and experienced teachers that can provide you with the top-quality of teaching within a particular time frame. We encourage you to contact us. We will be happy to assist you!